Trojan® 48Volt 90Ah Lithium Battery Complete Bundle

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Trojan® 48Volt 90Ah Lithium Battery Complete Bundle

This Complete Bundle Includes:

  • Three Trojan 48Volt 30Ah Batteries (90Ah total). Travel 45-60 miles per charge with only three lithium batteries*
  • Trojan approved Lester Summit II Model Golf Cart Charger, pre-loaded with GC2 Lithium charging profile
  • LCD Indicator Screen
  • Voltage Reducer
  • CAN cables which allow the intelligent Battery Management Systems (BMS) to communicate with each other for automatic balancing.
  • Limited 8 Year Warranty.
  • Battery Removal Straps


Buy with confidence! Backed by 100 years of expertise, Trojan Battery Company manufactures the world's most trusted golf cart batteries.


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The Trojan 48Volt 90Ah Lithium Battery Complete Bundle comes with three 48Volt 30Ah Batteries (these three will replace all of your lead-acid batteries), a Lester Summit II Lithium-Ion charger, LCD Indicator screen, voltage reducer, limited 8-year warranty, battery removal straps, and FREE SHIPPING.


Straightforward installation, substantial weight savings and peak performance. Monthly golf cart maintenance will be a thing of the past with these maintenance free batteries that last 10+ years.

  • More Range: Trojan Lithium-Ion takes you 2-3X farther than lead acid and up to 15% farther than any other lithium-ion supplier with the same AH rating.

  • Less Maintenance: Virtually zero maintenance. No watering, no acid, no corrosion. Refer to the User's Guide for preventative maintenance.

  • Stronger Acceleration: Constant acceleration at all times, especially when ascending hills and inclines. Give up worrying if you'll make it to the top.

    • Surge Amps: 2 Battery, 300 Amps / 3 Battery, 450 Amps

    • Continuous Amps: 2 Battery, 150 Amps / 3 Battery, 225 Amps

  • Last Longer: Trojan Lithium-Ion lasts approximately 2-3X longer than traditional lead-acid batteries. (10+ years vs. 3-4 years)

  • Durability: Unlike the competition, Trojan Lithium-Ion is designed and built to meet SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) vibration and off-road standards and is certified IP67 rated.

  • Safer: Built with the most stable lithium formula (LFP) and four levels of safety redundancy. If one level fails, there are three more to catch the issue and shut down the battery. Trojan meets or exceeds all industry safety standards.

  • Solid Warranty: Trojan is the #1 supplier of golf car batteries and they stand behind their products. Offering a FULL 6-year replacement warrant plus 2 additional pro-rated years, you can trust they'll be around in 8 years to stand behind their warranty.

Trojan Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality design and reliability while meeting the performance standards of today's golf carts and LSVs.

Trojan Lithium Resources:

Installation videos:

Please Note: Each Trojan GC2 battery is 48 volts and contains a 30 amp hour (AH) rating. The minimum required number of batteries to be installed in any cart is 2, providing a service rating of 48 volts and 60 amp hours (30 AH x 2 batteries) while being hooked up in a parallel connection. A 60 AH (two batteries) configuration will typically yield 30-45 miles of range depending on your driving style and terrain in a standard golf cart. A 90 AH (3 battery) configuration will normally yield a 45-60 mile range.*

*Many variables affect the driving range of lithium batteries when installed in golf carts. For reference, the expected mileage ranges assume the installation is on a stock golf cart utilizing factory size wheels and tires (overall height of 18"), factory controllers, and factory motors. Additional variables will impact battery range such as terrain, driving style, and weight of occupants. The use of mileage range is for comparison purposes and your actual range may vary.