Lithium Batteries- FREE SHIPPING is an authorized online and local dealer for Eco Battery.

Lithium Batteries last much longer, weigh up to 80% less, and require zero maintenance. 

All of our Eco Battery Packs include the complete set up- new charger, LCD Screen, charger receptacle port, battery pack, voltage reducer for lights and accessories, and a limited 8 year manufactures warranty. All of our battery packs have free shipping and we only sell the most up to date Gen2 versions.

36 Volt 105 Ah Bundle 

48 Volt 72Ah Bundle 

48 Volt 105Ah Bundle

48 Volt 144 Ah Bundle

70 Volt 105 Ah Bundle 





1. Select your Amp Hours:

     72Ah- 30-35 Miles per charge

     105Ah- 40-45 Miles per charge

     144Ah 45-50 Miles per charge

 2. Select your Golf Cart and check out.