EZGO RXV 48v Navitas 400a AC TAC2 Controller Kit with Bluetooth and Danaher Harness

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Take performance to the next level with this Navitas 440A kit for your EZGO RXV. Perfect for off-roaders with large tires, or anyone wanting to reach high speeds with stock 18" tires. Make adjustments with ease using the On-The-Fly Programmer *(sold separately). The Bluetooth capabilities let you use your phone as an instrument panel, lock your car remotely, monitor usage, and send diagnostic details to the dealer.

Kit Features:

  • Cost effective improvement to increase the speed and power of a golf car
  • The Navitas app allows you to monitor the vehicle's performance
    • Built-in speedometer
    • Gear indicator (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
    • One-click Car Lock Out feature
    • Live battery voltage, motor and controller temperature monitoring
    • Provides alerts that you can send directly to your technician/dealer by email
  • New "Cruise mode" for higher top speed (Up to 15% faster)
    • Speeds up to 25 mph with stock 18" tires
    • Lower Speeds = Greater Range
  • Bluetooth Programmable with:
    • OEM App
    • Dealer App
    • End User App
    • One Button Cart Lock-Out
    • The Navitas app is available for Apple® IOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Use your stock motor, solenoid and existing wiring
  • Plug and play installation, works with your existing motor and plugs directly into your carts wiring harness
  • Control your regen braking in forward and reverse for added safety when driving or backing down inclines
  • Use the "lock out feature" to lock in settings to control power and speed

Kit Includes:

  • EZGO RXV with Danaher Controller harness for plug and play installation
  • 440-Amp Navitas AC TAC2 controller
  • Mounting Plate
  • On-the-Fly Programmer *sold separately #31922