Navitas 440-Amp 48-Volt Controller- Buggies Choice

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The stock controller that comes with OEM equipment is often not powerful enough if you are using your cart for golf courses; not to mention off-roading, hunting or beach cruising. If you plan on traversing rougher terrain, you need to make sure your cart is up to the task. The Navitas 440-Amp 48-Volt Controller- Buggies Choice can help optimize your stock motor, ensuring your cart is prepared for the journey ahead.

Controller Features:

  • Direct replacement of stock controller, plugs directly into your carts existing wiring harness with cart specific adaptor harness.

Optional Equipment:

  • Compatible with the On-The-Fly Programmer #31922 *Sold Separately
  • With the optional programmer you can adjust on-the-fly your top speed, braking and, acceleration