Golf Cart Lithium Batteries- Installation help available Valley Wide and FREE Nationwide Shipping

Posted by Andrew Kephart on provides lithium battery upgrade bundles for your golf cart. Free Nationwide shipping and professional install available in Arizona.
Brand new Eco Battery Lithium Packs for your golf cart. 
Benefits of converting your golf cart to lithium:
- Zero maintenance 
- Charges 3X Faster
- Weight reduction
- Longer run times
- Long term storage mode
- 8 year warranty
No more filling your batteries with water and dealing with acid leaks on your floor. 
Compared to lead acid batteries you will save about 300 pounds (this will increase your golf carts performance and reduce wear and tear). 
All of our lithium packs come with an 8 year warranty and include a new charger, reducer, charge port receptacle, and LCD Indicator screen. 
Contact us for more details at 480-512-9179 or visit

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